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Dual Career Program

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Relocation is often a family affair. Most employers recognize that supporting the career and lifestyle needs of relocating partners is an important piece of recruitment, yet they often don't have the resources or community connections to provide individual support. The Dual Career Support Program is a made-in-Kingston solution to the challenge. Upon referral by a participating employer, accompanying partners will receive comprehensive assistance from a Career & Relocation Specialist who will develop a personalized action plan based on individual career goals and support the family's integration into the local community.
Following an in-depth interview to establish partner needs early in the recruitment process, the Career & Relocation Specialist may offer the following services:
  1. Career guidance and support in navigating the regional job market

  2. Strategic networking opportunities

  3. Comprehensive job search support

  4. Access to remote work spaces

  5. Facilitated referrals to health, educational and recreational services

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